Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday--- April 16, 7 PM --- Brookline Booksmith

Wes Hazard doesn’t tend to put profiles of himself online. This is largely because he views the Net as a suspect proto-organism bent on assimilation, domination, and privacy-eradication. Then again, he did spend a tragic amount of time coming up with “deep” AIM quotes back in high school (Fight Club excerpts anyone?). As a second year poetry MFA at Emerson Wes enjoys words, thoughts, his evaporating humanity, and referring to himself in the third person when he can get away with it. He wishes you only the best, take care.

Gene Kwak
is from Omaha, Nebraska. He is also an MFA student in Fiction at UMASS-Boston and the editor of the online synth-pop consortium, WE ARE CHAMPION, but that's neither here nor there.

Ian Si
ngleton has published stories in Conte, Qarrtsiluni, and Dispatch. His translation of Die Flucht" by Rainer Maria Rilke appeared in Knock Magazine. He was born around Detroit, has lived in Alabama, and now lives in Boston. He studied at the University of Michigan and Emerson College. He teaches writing in a Massachusetts prison and reads for Ploughshares. He knows English, German, and Russian. For a day job, he is a librarian at Harvard University.

Rad Thie
is a first year poetry student at UMass Boston. He likes corduroy and burritos.