Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friday --- September 17th --- Brookline Booksmith

Nicole Miller is a third-year MFA student in Fiction at Emerson College and holder of an Emerson Fellowship. Before Emerson, she lived in England for ten years. She completed Part I of the Tripos in English Literature at Girton College, Cambridge, an M.Phil in Victorian Literature at Lincoln College, Oxford, and wrote her doctoral dissertation at University College, London, on technology in the works of Charles Dickens. While a student at Oxford, she published twice in The May Anthology of Short Stories, edited by Jill Paton Walsh and Sebastian Faulks. She currently works as a scholarly reader for the Oxford English Dictionary, and as a research assistant and writing tutor in the department of English at Harvard University. On September 17th, she will be reading an excerpt from her partially-drafted memoir. "A Broken Appointment" (a scene from her time at Oxford), won first prize for non-fiction at Emerson in 2010.

Molly McGuire lives in Boston, where she is pursuing an MFA at UMass. She's currently working on a series of poems about the works of Edvard Munch. She also reads 4 to 5 beauty magazines a month, which she told herself would be good research for a series of poems that blend Greek myth with the gender issues which permeate beauty magazines. She would like to stop, but the magazines won't stop coming.

Since running away to the circus has fallen from fashion, getting an MFA in Fiction at Emerson College was the natural choice for Lesley Moussette when she decided to change professional directions away from the film industry after discovering she really didn’t want to collaborate after all - at least with real people. The ones that slither up the pipes, sit on the sink and chit chat while she brushes her teeth are fine and often informative. Producing jewelry making instructional DVD’s, phone apps and anything else that will pay for her Chai Latte addiction keeps her busy in the off season when she lives in Santa Cruz, California with a dog that will never get the squirrel and a musically bent Senior Consulting Computer Geek.