Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 20th, 2011 Reading

Lisa Battiston, as written by Alicia Churchill: Lisa Battiston is a rock star who also writes stories about love and sex and cigarettes that could be rock songs. She has literary tattoos, and a sexy voice, and lots of curly red hair. She recently finished her MFA in creative writing at Emerson, where the linked stories of her memoir-like adventures left her classmates dazed and inspired. She knows how to handle unreasonable requests for late night cell phone photography, and since we all need to work on that these days, you need to hear her stories.

Alicia Churchill is currently an MFA student in creative writing nonfiction at Emerson. She teaches art based research methods, creative process, and assessment of prior learning at Endicott College and freshman writing at Northern Essex Community College. She will be reading an excerpt from her memoir on how to break into ethnographic research as a toddler, which pastries taste best during a military coup, and how to smuggle art internationally by wrapping it in dirty laundry.

Angela Voras-Hills is an MFA candidate studying poetry at UMass-Boston, where she teaches creative writing. Her work has appeared in Breakwater Review, MARY, and Fox Cry Review. She has been awarded the Martha Collins Prize in Poetry and is currently Poetry Fellow at the Writers' Room of Boston.

Danielle Jones-Pruett is burned out on bios. But she loves to write poems, and read poems, and would really love to read you some poems. Thanks.