Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday, March 16, 7pm

at the Brookline Booksmith, 279 Harvard Street, Brookline

Rad Thie goes to UMass Boston. He is from Cincinnati.

Ben Lobpries has found a lot of ways to make money: teaching, bar tending, retail, food service. Acting and horticulture fit in there somewhere as well, but not writing. Writing don’t pay the bills yet (but it does help ensure his annual tax refund). He is about to earn an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College, which should look cute next to his BFA in Theatre Studies.

Jessica Moreland is a world traveler, a mother, and a hopeless bibliophile. She has run her own freelance writing, editing, and design business for the last seven years, and she will graduate with her MFA in Fiction from UMass-Boston this Spring. Her most recent adventures have included scuba-diving among the coral reefs of Oahu, getting lost in the crowded back roads of Shanghai, China, and hiking in a torrential downpour on the cliffs of Slieve League in Ireland. She is hard at work on a novel and a memoir.

Sarah Ehrich is a poet with a penchant for gardening and letting her friends write her bios. She is currently completing her MFA at Emerson College where she is also a faculty member and an administrator for the community outreach program emersonWRITES. When she is not reading, writing or collecting oral histories for the Cambridge Historical Society, you can find her dancing or riding her bike with no hands. After the reading you should challenge her to a dance-off. Seriously. Do it.

Lisa Hiton received her MFA in Poetry from Boston University last year. She loves the poetry of Sylvia Plath, Louise GlĂĽck, and Richard Siken, so if you aren't an emotional cutter, you probably will not enjoy this reading. Also if you are anti-semetic, you will probably not enjoy this reading. You don't know Lisa from Yale Younger Poets Award or the New Yorker but it's likely that you've run into her at Eastern Standard. She will probably go there after this reading and drink multiple aviations. Lisa teaches literature, writing, and yoga all over Boston. Her work is published or forthcoming in the Indiana Review, Elephant Journal, and 491 Magazine, among others.

Calvin Olsenwas born and raised in Idaho, if you know where that is. He received a BA in English from Brigham Young University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Boston University. He recently returned from a Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship on the Iberian Peninsula, where he ran with the bulls and translated poetry by a dead guy you’ve never heard of. His work has been anthologized in Fire in the Pasture and he has also published poetry in The Honeyland Review, Inscape, and SWAMP. He currently works as a reader for Slate magazine and a Portuguese translator, neither of which keep him from watching March Madness at work.