Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday, January 20th, 7 pm

at the Brookline Booksmith, 279 Harvard Avenue, Coolidge Corner

Abby Travis is a second-year MFA candidate in creative nonfiction at Emerson College. She grew up riding horses in Minnesota and loves driving across the plains, so now as substitution she drives to New Hampshire on the weekends to ride. Otherwise, she is an editorial assistant and the senior nonfiction reader at Ploughshares, and also teaches creative writing through EmersonWrites. Her book reviews and essays have been published in The Rectangle, Rain Taxi, on the Ploughshares blog, and on Powell's Books' Review-a-Day. She is currently working on a collection of sometimes-lyric personal essays that explore the pathology of miscommunication. She'll likely read some combination of nonfiction and prose poetry.

Eric Sepenoski is from Orient, New York, a village located on the extreme eastern end of Long Island. He splits his year between farming on Long Island in the summer and studying and teaching writing in Boston during the winter. He is currently finishing his MFA in poetry at Emerson College.

Kelly Morse grew up in the small, high mountain desert towns of the Pacific Northwest, but has since drifted as far as Spain, South Africa and even the East Coast. Her work has appeared in PoetsArtists, Gumball Poetry and Strange Roots: Views of Hanoi, and amongst other po biz things she was a recipient of the Seven Devils Fellowship for Idaho writers. Kelly is currently working on a series that explores linguistic and world-view gaps between Eastern and Western cultures after teaching for two years in Vietnam.

Michele Harris was awarded the Paul G. Zolbrod prize and, more recently, the David A. Kennedy prize in the field of poetry. Her work has appeared in Anderbo, The Prose Poem Project, Eclectica, Escarp, Stirring, and elsewhere. Currently, she works at MIT and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she teaches for the OLLI program.

Jeffrey Taylor currently works as Program Coordinator for the graduate department of molecular microbiology at Tufts Universtity School of Medicine. He's also an editor and writer at MIT in the office of the Vice President. He completed his mfa in poetry at Umass Boston. His most recent work can be seen in Blood Orange Review and Mayday Magazine. His books, 'don't put it in your mouth' and the forthcoming 'anatomy of a rooster' are available online at or from the publisher, elik press.

Bryan Coller grew up in Southern California, where he earned his
undergraduate degree in English from UC Irvine. He studies and teaches
creative writing as a graduate student at Boston University.