Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 15th Reading

Next Friday at the Brookline Booksmith we're fortunate to have Anna Ziering, Eylsia Smith, Jennifer Murphy, Maggie Bohara, Ben Zuerlein, and Rachel Hezekiah. We hope to see you downstairs at 7:00!

A Boston-area native, Anna Ziering is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry at Boston University. She has spent the past six years in New York, where she studied poetry under Saskia Hamilton and Sean Singer at Barnard College and worked as a paralegal at the ACLU.

Maggie Bohara is a second year MFA candidate in fiction at Emerson College and a part-time ceramicist at Brookline's Feet of Clay Studio. When not writing or making pottery, she enjoys spending time with her
husband, two cats and dog.

Elysia Smith writes poems about things she doesn't understand--in an effort to understand them, of course. She's an avid people watcher who might possibly be described by fellow T passengers as creepy. However, it is this unabashed staring that has led her to some of her wildest poems and closest friends. Currently, she watches too much Frasier between helping organize the undergraduate Writer's Community at U-Mass and attending classes for her MFA. She will not buy you a beer but does apologize for making eye-contact with you while reading poems about sex.

Jennifer Murphy writes Fiction. Prior to earning her B.A. with a concentration in Creative Writing from Arizona Sate University, Murphy worked as a Camp Ranger for the AZ Girl Scout Council on Phoenix’s South Mountain Preserve for 10 years. She is an MFA candidate at the University of Massachusetts Boston and lives with her wife and two cats in a small apartment above a garage.   

Originally from Salem, MA, Rachel Hezekiah has been writing poems since she was scrawling Lady MacBeth’s soliloquy on her windows in dry-erase marker.  Now she’s working on the larger project of not writing poems about birch trees.  Her work has been published in Insanity’s Horse, Mixed ReaderEveryday Other Things, and anthologized  in Other Tongues: Mixed Race Women Speak Out.