Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Friday, September 16th

Bryan Coller grew up in Southern California, where he earned his
undergraduate degree in English from UC Irvine. He studies and teaches
creative writing as a graduate student at Boston University.

Meredith Jordan moved to Boston in 2009 to pursue an MFA in poetry at Emerson College. She was born and raised in Northern Virginia and attended the University of Virginia as an undergraduate. Although she misses the warmth and food of the south, she finds Boston’s city-life exhilarating. Her poetry is often narrative-driven, focusing on subjects like family, travel, and childhood.

Kurt Klopmeier is a poet beginning his second year in the MFA program at UMass - Boston. He recently received an honorable mention for the 2011 Harold Taylor Prize sponsored by the Academy of American Poets. Kurt is from St. Louis and enjoys reading, writing, the visual arts, and Minesweeper.

Molly McGillicuddy is pleased to accept this award for "Sexiest Man Alive" and finally stick it to George Clooney. When not posing for GQ shoots, she is working on her MFA in fiction at Emerson College in Boston and teaching first-year writing compostion there.

Natasha Hakimi holds both a B.A. in Spanish and a B.A. in English with a creative writing concentration from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has received several awards for creative writing, including the May Merrill Miller Award for Poetry in 2008 and 2010,
the Ruth Brill Award for short fiction in 2010 and the Falling Leaves Award in 2010. Natasha's interned at Los Angeles Magazine and Truthdig, and continues to write for both publications. At the moment, she's pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing, with an emphasis in Poetry at Boston University.

Noreen Cleffi (not pictured) is a second-year MFA student at UMass Boston and started to write poetry, or some semblance of it, a year and a half ago--with a couple of exceptions. She was runner-up to Molly McGillicuddy in the sexiest man of the year contest, but bears her no grudge. Noreen considers writing poetry a dangerous occupation because while composing, she’s run red lights, jay walked, and just today, lost her wallet with all her i.d. and her flash drive, her most treasured possession. Oh, she supposes writing is dangerous for other reasons, like influencing one other person to write or come alive, but right now, she wants her flash drive!